We often do not do enough to help nature and its preservation, but when we do we do not tell anyone because it seems to us that it is our turn, that it is our duty. And so it is, it is our duty to do everything in our power to be sustainable and in the worst case, that our presence is not harmful to it.

For this reason, and how can it be otherwise by people working in a company of experiences in nature, we have set out to take our involvement to the extreme so that our actions have no negative impact on nature.

To achieve this goal it is not enough for everyone on a personal scale to act accordingly, but it is necessary to make sustainability the flag of the organization and involve everyone, workers, customers, suppliers, collaborators ...

Although we have some environmental certifications, we believe that these certifications are often nothing more than forms and protocols that all they do is make the day-to-day work heavier, when in reality what is important is the way of acting and transmitting our philosophy to our customers.

In our region, the Berguedà, garbage collection called "door to door" is being applied in most municipalities. This type of collection has meant that our region has gone from recycling just over 20% to currently recycling 80%, placing the region at the forefront of the most recycled counties in Catalonia.
This system is great for people living in the area, but when someone visits us they don't know what to do with the rubbish and they often have more than 100 kms until they get home and have a place to throw the rubbish. If this is the case, let us know and we will give you information on how to manage your rubbish and prevent people from leaving rubbish abandoned in nature or in the ditches of the road ... with the consequences that this entails.

Apart from the way we work every day, several times a year we organize canoe trips to the La Baells reservoir to clean its waters, these days are carried out with our boats. for free.

If you want to be informed of the next actions, follow us on social media and participate with us, we are all needed !!!