About Us

"We don't know if we will succeed, but you can be sure that we will do our job to your satisfaction."

Despite our long-standing involvement in sporting events, we have been established as a company since 2002.

We start our work with the activity we know best, the world of motorsport, quads. We specialize in this activity and as we detect the lack of offers, we will add more activities to our list.

In 2006 we inaugurated the facilities of the adventure center in Olvan, where most of the activities that can be carried out in the same space are grouped and carried out and from where those that need an environment are coordinated. more specifically.

In 2011 we went one step further and took the reins of the aquatic center located in Cercs; boosting, promoting and improving the services already offered and incorporating new ones.

In 2012, coinciding with our 10th anniversary, we took the reins of the Xalet de Coll de Pal, a leisure facility of the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​which after passing through several concessionaire hands and never having had a continuity , from Indòmit we set out to put it into operation in order to offer the service for which the area is designed.

As a result of the structural deficiencies of the building and its quality, we decided to give up the management of this facility after a short time.

2012 was a busy year and apart from the movements and efforts with the Chalet-Refuge of Coll de Pal, we also worked to improve the services of aquatic activities, leaving the concession of the facilities located in Cercs and starting a new project on a property located on the bridge of La Baells, between Berga and Vilada, just at the foot of the C-26 road between Berga and Vilada. The space is located in an environment of stunning beauty and with the best location in the whole swamp: central and easily accessible.

This property is rustic, it needs to be reclassified, facilities made, etc. It is a project that starts from scratch but that is precisely why it is so exciting. In addition, the possibilities for improvement and growth have no limits.

In 2013 we worked to consolidate and improve existing activities but without losing sight of opportunities for improvement and growth. In this sense, we take part in the competition for the concession of the Berguedà BTT center, managing to present the best proposal and, consequently, the concession of this service.

After the disappointment of experience with the Chalet-Refuge of Coll de Pal, in 2014 we reached an agreement to rehabilitate and manage the Chalet-Refuge of the Rasos de Peguera, the oldest refuge in Catalonia, located in the mountain that saw skiing was born in Catalonia in 1908.

After several years offering water activities in the La Baells reservoir, in 2016 the opportunity arose to take the concession of the Molí del Cavaller recreational area, in the municipality of Vilada. At the end of May we won the contest and on June 18 we officially opened the doors. With a lot of work ahead, but with a lot of desire to make it work.

In the year 1019, after great efforts to return the activities and give service to Rasos de Peguera from the Chalet-refuge and to find us with all kinds of impediments, both by the club that owns the facility, and by the neighbors, as of all the branches of the administration affected, we decide that there is no need to fight against what is not wanted to work and we leave the management of this building, happy because we know we have done everything we could to improve but disappointed for not having succeeded.

It should also be noted that we, as professionals, detect the danger where participants cannot see it. That’s why it can sometimes seem like we deprive ourselves of 100% enjoyment of the activity, but that’s not the case. We all want to have fun while doing the activity, but always taking the right steps for safety.

We would appreciate it if you had this feeling at any time, let us know and we will try to give you arguments as to the reason for our actions.