Indòmit Pont de La Baells


This is one of the aquatic bases we have in the La Baells reservoir. Due to the lack of urban permits to be able to build, we only have this base open giving service to Sant Joan (June 24) at the end of August.

As we cannot build, we cannot provide all the services we offer at the Molí del Cavaller aquatic base, such as the restaurant service, showers and other services that add value to our activity. Despite these urban shortcomings or thanks to these shortcomings, this space is very quiet and pleasant, where only people who want to carry out the activities come and without the hustle and bustle of crowds.

As for water activities, in this space you can find almost all the activities at the base of the Molí and also the rental of the motor boat, as during the summer months only offers in this space. In order to enjoy this space, you must contact the company that manages these services, either by e-mail, telephone or in person, either on the bridge itself or in the other spaces that Indòmit also manages.

The services offered can be contracted on the same day or by prior reservation following the published instructions.

The bridge facilities can only be used within the opening hours established by the management company. Outside these hours, everyone who enters it will be considered an intruder on private property and may be reported to the authorities, in addition to being solely responsible for any damage that may be caused or suffered as a result of their presence in the facilities.

Users are informed that the facility is equipped with video surveillance security services and images of users may be recorded for purposes solely and exclusively for security reasons that will be destroyed periodically after the legal time required by law. These images will be recorded both during opening hours and outside of these hours.


Drinks and some snacks will be served in this space. There is also a sun lounger rental service.


This space is enabled for customers to enjoy exclusively the activities. It is not a place to spend the day, it is a place to do activities, to spend some time enjoying the environment, bathing, sunbathing ... but it is not a place to go with tables or chairs, we never ...

To be able to access it you will have to hire activities worth € 10 per person on average, that is, it cannot be that 10 people attend to enjoy our space and only 1 individual canoe is hired, the cost of which is € 18, in in the same case of 10 people, a minimum of € 100 of activities must be contracted, regardless of who carries out the activity. In this space there is no area allowed to make fire and it is totally forbidden, in addition to dangerous, to make it.

Garbage and / or rubbish

This space is located in a natural place outside the garbage collection channels of the cleaning services, for this reason each user will be responsible for collecting and taking away the garbage that may be generated. In case of leaving rubbish or rubbish, the sanctions stipulated in the corresponding municipal ordinance will be applied.


It is allowed to access the space of the aquatic area of ​​the bridge with dogs, as long as they go closed so that they do not disturb other users who do not have to like their presence and the owners of the dogs take care extreme defecation of these in order to ensure a clean and pleasant space for everyone, even for those people who do not like dogs. The obligation to keep dogs locked refers to the entire space, INCLUDING WATER. There is no problem in the dogs bathing outside the bathing area of ​​the people but always following the indications of coexistence mentioned.

Much of the grace of this space is the tranquility of it, which is often interrupted by the barking of dogs. As we indicated before, the priority is the comfort of the people, so if someone is not able to ensure the silence of their dog, they will have to leave the premises.


In this space, only the space manager will be able to broadcast music collectively.
While it is allowed that each user can enjoy their music on a particular scale using headphones.


The car park is public and the company is not responsible for the safety of vehicles, although there is no evidence of theft or other damage to customers' vehicles to date.

It is important to respect access to non-parking facilities on the access road to these facilities, as it is often necessary to enter or exit with vehicles from the organization and with ambulances when there is an accident. In case of not respecting this last point, the crane will be notified and the affected person will have to take care of the possible sanctions.

During the opening days, service is provided from 10 am to 8 pm.

In this space there is a toilet and a drinks service.

The address is:

INDOMMIT Pont de La Baells
Road C-26 km 152.5

At this point there are very large car parks, you have to leave the car here and follow the INDÒMIT signs under the bridge.