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Enjoy the tranquility and the surroundings of the waters of the La Baells reservoir or put in a paddle shape throughout the 12 kms that the reservoir has from end to end.

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Learn what this sport is based on, techniques, postures and put into practice the knowledge acquired in a safe space.

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Nosaltres et portem a descobrir com el quad et pot ajudar a conèixer i apreciar l'entorn que t'envolta i sempre amb el màxim de respecte per la natura.

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Paintball is considered a strategy game, not a war game. Suitable for everyone from 12 years. Unload all the tension!

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They are an electric pedestrian transport, in our case adapted to travel around the mountains which allows us to enjoy the environment of our rural villages in the most respectful way possible with the environment and its inhabitants.

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Joy for the kids, a little leg exercise for parents or a small island where you can unwind for a while in the middle of the water.

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