Dynamic adventure raid

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The Raid Adventure is a combination of activities that allows us to enjoy various activities sharing the experience with colleagues and at a cost that on an individual level would be unthinkable.

This activity is designed for groups of more than 10 participants

Ideal activity for all kinds of participants, as each participant lives it with the intensity he wants, who wants a very intense activity wants it and runs, who simply wants to practice the different activities but calmly s ‘take it by walking and enjoying every activity. Suitable for all ages and types of public, families, schools, companies, farewells, celebrations … it does not have a minimum age but some activities are applied in one way or another depending on the type of participants .


The group is divided into groups of 4 participants
Each group will have a map and a road map
It will be explained how to interpret the map
The objectives and activities will be explained:

It is a question of carrying out the activity of Orientation, which will serve as our guiding thread, finding the landmarks that are hidden in the vicinity of the adventure center. Each time the groups find a landmark, they will have to use the route card and the stapler that the landmark has built in to record their passage through that landmark. The aim of this activity is to disturb all existing milestones.

In the route card the participants will also have indicated the times of passage for each activity, it is very important that the groups respect these schedules, since the grace of the Raid Adventure is precisely that no one has to queue to carry out the activities and that everyone is always active, making the activity very dynamic and intense. Failure to follow the schedules will cause delays and uncoordination to other participants or you will simply not be able to enjoy the activity.

The priority is to respect the schedules of the activities and in the free time between the activities or after these to find the landmarks.

Once the participant has found all the milestones and completed all the activities, he must return to the starting point where we will certify the final time in order to establish a possible score between the groups.

The duration of the Orientation is approximately 1 and that of the other activities is 15 minutes but it must be taken into account that the participants must move from one place to another and the sum of the times is always higher than the simple sum of the activities. In addition, you have to count the times of explanations.

This activity can be more or less complete, as each client can customize it by incorporating more or less activities.

Between 10 and 20 participants the price includes Orientation + 2 activities to choose from
Between 21 and 30 participants the price includes Orientation + 3 activities to choose from
And for every 10 participants, one more activity is included without ever touching the base price.

If the group wants to do the most complete activity, they can carry out more activities than they can afford, just have a small surcharge for each activity added.

Paintball (aim)
Tower impossible

The price of the Raid Aventura is 27 € per participant
If the group is larger and more activities need to be added, the price does not change

If the group wants to carry out more activities than would be due to the number of participants, it is necessary to add € 5 for each activity to each participant.

This activity can be hired but DO NOT book “online”, availability must be consulted first.


Dynamic adventure raid

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How to arrive

To arrive to us you have to take the C-16 road to Gironella, take the exit 90 and follow the signs for Olvan, the road will take you to the center of the village where you will find the church and our signs that are yellow and you can read INDOMIT, just follow them.

Activity difficulty


What to take

  • Firm mountain or sports boot type shoes in their absence
  • Warm clothes according to the day
    Gloves more or less thick depending on the time of year due to the cold and safety
  • A “raincoat” is recommended in case 4 drops pass.

Included in the price

  • Guides
  • Insurance
  • The necessary technical material for each activity.

Additional services

  • If the group wants to carry out more activities than would be due to the number of participants, it is necessary to add € 5 for each activity to each participant.
  • Sale of drinks, gloves and buff
  • Use of the facilities, changing rooms, toilets, showers, common areas …


Reservation and cancellation policy

  • The activity can be contracted individually but there must be a minimum of 10 participants in order to open a group.
  • Hiring the activities implies acceptance of the instructions and rules that the organization has published.
  • Up to 48 hours before, you can make as many changes as you want, even cancel the activity.
  • With less than 48 hours no changes are possible.
  • All details in the cancellation policy section

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