Guided canoe route

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From Indomit we want to invite you to enjoy and get to know the surroundings of the Baells de marsh
the hand of our guides.

With this activity, we don’t want you to simply row and enjoy the surroundings, but the
what we hope is to turn the route into an experience where you can discover the hidden corners
of the swamp, which vary according to the water level, know the curiosities and
characteristics of each space, this is a special opportunity!

We will start by imparting some basic notions to the participants, both technical and
safety, before entering the water.
Once in the water we will review the contents explained on land applied to the first contact.
Whether it’s your first time in a canoe or you’ve done it before, it is
very important to review and always keep in mind the technical details! You will always learn
something new
We will start the route from our base at the bridge of La Baells, where only from
to begin, the great height of the bridge draws our attention. We will explain theirs
characteristics, anecdotes and curiosities.
Next, we will see the upper part of the temporary tunnel that was built by
connecting the road from Berga to Vilada while the dam and the current bridge were being built.
We will then pass close to the dam from the water, keeping our distance
required security, where we can appreciate its imposing height. It must be said: there is
few dams in the world that exceed 100 meters in height!
Then we will make a detour through the Margançol valley in the direction of Vilada, where we can
see the Picancel mountain range, its steep orography and we will explain a little why
is it like that.
We will see old buildings in the area according to the water level, the yacht club and the
water skiing training area and we will reach as far as the water level allows us

Finally, and depending on the time provided that the dynamics of the group allow it, we
we will go a little further north through the Llobregat valley, where we will be able to see the
impressive chimneys of the old thermal power plant and we will pass in front of the village
of Circles.
During the tour we will also explain which fish and fauna we can find in
the reservoir, because it is there and its consequences.

One of the elements we value most is the importance of water and its uses
so that along the route we will put a lot of emphasis on its relevance and power
share it with visitors. Likewise, during the activity we will also be expanding one
little technical knowledge depending on the skills of the participants.

Activity lasting 2 hours.
The activity is carried out in 2-seater canoes.
The activity does not have a specific route, it will be adapted to the characteristics of the group and the conditions of the swamp.

Children under 10 years old do not pay if they share a canoe with their parents or guardians, the canoes are spacious enough for 2 adults and 2 small children with a maximum of 220 kg in total. In this case the children do not carry oars.

There is the option of doing the activity in individual canoes with a supplement of 10 €.

In general, this activity can be contracted but not reserved, since when requiring technical staff, it is necessary to coordinate agendas. However, we sometimes schedule open dates where anyone can freely add and these can be automatically booked right from here.

Special discount in case of being more than 4 participants

 This activity can hire but NOT book “online”, availability must be consulted first.


Guided canoe route

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How to arrive

To arrive to us you have to take the C-16 to Berga and then take the C-26 towards Vilada, fo- llow the signs for Vilada for about 6 kms until you find our signs (km 156) where you can read area recreational Moli del Cavaller.

Activity difficulty


What to take

  • Towel
  • Swimsuit
  • Footwear for the bathroom
  • Sunscreen
    Everything you think is appropriate for the bathroom
  • A raincoat in case fresh air is turned during the activity

Included in the price

  • Lifejacket
  • Oar
  • Guide
  • Insurance
  • Double rowings
  • Rotomod Quatro boat

Additional services

  • There is an option of carrying out the activity in individual canoes with a supplement of 10 €
  • Waterproof drum rental
  • Use of the facilities, changing rooms, toilets, showers, common areas …
  • Sale of drinks, booties, mobile phone covers …

Reservation and cancellation policy

  • The activity can be contracted individually but there must be a minimum of 2 participants in order to open a group.
  • Hiring the activities implies acceptance of the instructions and rules that the organization has published.
  • Up to 48 hours before, you can make as many changes as you want, even cancel the activity.
  • With less than 48 hours no changes are possible.
  • All details in the cancellation policy section

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