Archery. Combat archers

Participate in an archer fight and prove who is the most skilled.

An archer fight is a game where two groups of participants face each other with bows and arrows in order to achieve a goal.

The arrows carry a ball of foam on the tip and participants play with a mask that protects their face.

A game is made up of different games of skill and strategy where the technician responsible for the activity indicates some objectives to be achieved.

Participants have a bow and arrows to try to touch the opponent and eliminate him, they will also need to use the arrows to hit some targets that the opponent protects in order to win the game.

It is a very safe game, suitable for all ages and the only limitation is that children, if they are very young, will not be able to tighten the rope so hard and the arrows will come out more slowly but there is no problem in being able to play together with adults, as adults shoot the arrows harder, they never take much power and the foam tip of the arrows makes it totally safe, in addition, the participants wear safety masks.

The duration of a game is 1 hour. During this time you play as many games as you can.

The price is per person.

This activity is carried out in our installation of the adventure center located in Olvan. We can also travel and perform the activity in almost any place, Christmas parks, fairs, parties, celebrations, schools. .. With little space and a few obstacles, whether nature or street furniture. We can improvi- se a game stage very easily. Consult us conditions.

This activity can hire but NOT book “online”, availability must be consulted first.


Archery. Combat archers

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How to arrive

To arrive to us you have to take the C-16 road to Gironella, take the exit 90 and follow the signs for Olvan, the road will take you to the center of the village where you will find the church and our signs that are yellow and you can read INDOMIT, just follow them.

Activity difficulty


What to take

  • Firm footwear such as mountain or sports boots, failing that.
  • Warm clothes according to the day
    • Gloves more or less thick depending on the time of year due to the cold and safety.
  • It is advisable to wear a “raincoat” in case you spend 4 drops

Included in the price

  • Guide
  • Insurance
  • Bow
  • Arrow
  • Safety glasses

Additional services

  • Use of the facilities, changing rooms, toilets, showers, common areas …
  • Sale of drinks, gloves, raincoats and buffs


Reservation and cancellation policy

  • The activity can be contracted individually but there must be a minimum of 4 participants in order to open a group.
  • Hiring the activities implies acceptance of the instructions and rules that the organization has published.
  • Up to 48 hours before, you can make as many changes as you want, even cancel the activity.
  • With less than 48 hours no changes are possible.
  • All details in the cancellation policy section

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