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Sports and adventure activities

A bit of history

Although our relationship has always been insports events, constitute us as a company in 2002.

We started work with the activity that best knowthe world of motor quads. We specialize in this activity and as we detect a lack of supply orsupply of quality, we incorporate more activitiesinto our offer.

In 2006, inaugurating the center's facilitiesadventure Olvan, which are grouped together and performed the majority of activities that can be performed in the same space and from Doncoordinates the environment that require aparticular month.

In 2011 we are one step further and take control of the aquatic center located search,encouraging, promoting and improving the services already offered and adding new ones.

In 2012, coinciding with our 10th anniversary, we left the aquatic center located in Cercs and a new one just Baells The bridge at the foot of the C-26 Berga and Vilada. Located in a setting of breathtaking beauty and the best locations around the reservoir, central and easily accessible.

Also that in 2012 we have taken the reins of the House of Coll de Pal, a recreational facility of the Province of Barcelona after passing through several hands licensees and never having had a continuity, far from Indòmit will propose to put it running to provide the service that is designed for the area and visitors. As a result of structural deficiencies of the building and the grade of this , we decided to give up the management of this facility in a short time.

In 2012 they moved a year and hand movements and steps to the Refuge - Chalet Coll de Pal we have also worked to improve services to water activities , leaving the granting of facilities located finding and starting a new project in a farm located on the bridge between Berga and Baells Vilada .
This rustic farm must reevaluate it, make facilities ... This project starts from scratch but precisely for this reason so exciting , because the possibilities are endless growth and improvement .

2013 work to consolidate and improve existing activities without losing sight of the opportunities for improvement and growth in this contest to take part in the awarding of the center of Mountain Berguedá , manages to present the best proposal and thus achieve the award this service.

After the disappointment of the experience with the Chalet - Refuge Coll de Pal , in 2014 we reached an agreement to rehabilitate and manage the House of Refuge - Ras Paguera , the oldest refuge in the mountains of Catalonia hubicat that skiing born in Catalonia in 1908.

After several years offering aquatic activities in the reservoir of Baells, we now (2016) take the opportunity has arisen to grant Moli Cavaller recreation area in the village of Vilada. In late May won the contest and open doors officially on 18 June. With a lot of work to do and eager to make it work.

Our motto:

Not if we can do it but you can be sure that we will carry out our work in order to achieve your satisfaction.

It is also true that we as professionals finddanger where participants can not see and sometimes do not seem to want to comply with the Express before. You agriculture at any timeif you have that feeling let us know and try to give you arguments for our actions.

Albert Palau and Bardolet
Founder and head of
Quads Olvan and Indòmit

Berguedà OFF ROAD, S.L.U.
C / 5 Cal Magi
08611 Olvan (BCN)

With headquarters in INDÒMIT Adventure Center (see contact)


Snowshoeing initiation

We introduce you to the progression techniques that allow you to use the snowshoes with security It's going to allow us to progress by very beautiful places, and the same time to enjoy a funny morning with your friends.

Activity areas: Rasos Peguera ...

Special discounts from 4 participants

Duration: half day
Difficulty: Easy

Includes: Mountain Guides, insurance and technical equipment.
Individual material required: warm clothes and winter boots.

Meeting point: to be determined by the participants and the guide, and depending on the activity area.

Material suitable for sizes from 31 to the mountain boot


Veure més
Dynamic Adventure Raid
Dynamic Adventure Raid

Particularly suitable for groups.


The Raid Adventure is a combination of activities that allows us to enjoy various activities to share experience with colleagues at a cost to that individual would be unthinkable.

This activity is designed for groups of 10 participants

Activity is ideal for all types of participants, and participants live with the intensity you want, who wants a very strong desire and puts many streams do, who simply want to enjoy different activities but calmly s 'I took a stroll and enjoy each activity. Suitable for all ages and audiences, families, schools, businesses, farewells, celebrations ...has no minimum age but some activities are applied in a way or another depending on the type of participants.


The group is divided into groups of 4 participants

Each group will have a map and driving route

Explain how to interpret the map

Explained the objectives and activities:

It carried out the activity of orientation, which we will use thread, finding targets that are hidden nearby the center of adventure. Each time the groups meet a milestone must use the card path and the stapler that has incorporated the goal to record his time for that goal. The objective of this activity is to achieve all the goals disturb existing.

The driving route participants will also set the timetable for each activity is extremely important that the members respect these times, as the grace of the Raid Adventure is just that no one has to queue to carry out the activities and everyone is always active, making the activity is very dynamic and intense. Failure to respect the times cause delays and lack of coordination in the other participants or just do not enjoy the activity.

The priority is to respect the schedule of activities and free time in between or after these activities to find targets.

Once the participant has found all the targets and completed all the activities necessary to return to the starting point where the end time to certify and establish a possible score between groups.

The length of orientation is approximately 1 h of the other activities of 15 minutes but we have in the participants have to travel from one place to another and the amount of time is always greater than the sum of the activities. Besides having the necessary time for explanations.

This activity can be more or less complete, as each client can be customized to incorporate more or less activity.

Between 10 and 20 participants Price includes orientation + 2 activities to choose from

Between 21 and 30 participants Price includes orientation + 3 activities to choose from

And 10 participants each month includes an activity without ever touching the base price.

If the group wants to make more complete the activity can be carried out more money for activities that you belong, simply to have a small charge for each activity added.


Bola zoorb
Paintball (points)
Zip line
Tower impossible


The price of the Raid Adventure is € 25 per participant

If the group is to add more activities and higher price does not vary

If the group wants to perform more activities than the number of participants is up you must add 5 € for each activity to each participant.


Veure més
Adventure trip


Escaped nature and disconnects. Packs designed especially for couples or small groups.

The pack includes half board (breakfast + dinner + sleep) in our shelter Ras Paguera + 2 activities to choose

Route 2 seater quad guia1 h
Segway Tour with guia1 h
Via Ferrata guided 3 h
Caving guided 3 h
Guided snowshoe 3 h
Guided Tour Piragüa 2 h
Unguided canoe rental 3 h
Guided Nordic walking route 3 h
Guided Archery 2 h
Rent pedal unguided 2 h
Hiking trail 3 h

The price is for 2 people.

If you feel identified with any of these packs proposens your budget and we will tailor.

The packs in the short-term activities are done you can choose both the morning and afternoon and half board before or after.

The schedule of activities will be the preferred participant in the existing availability.


Veure més
Gift Voucher

You can already give adventure as a present cause Indòmit offers you hundreds of experiencies and an original gift voucher which is also a card.  

You can choose the amount that you want to give us a present from 10€ on. You can acquire the voucher at our offices in our Adventure Centre in Olvam or we can send it to you per regular mail. In case you wish a registered or urgent letter we require 6€ extra (delivery in 48h) or 10€ (delivery in 24h) that have to be added to the amount of the voucher. 

In order to indroduce the amount the "number of participants" needs to be changed to the amount of the present.

The vouchers will be 6 months valid since the date of the purchase.

Every voucher will be numbered and registered to our database so we can identify the recipient.

In order to enjoy the voucher, the recipient will have to get in touch with us at the 
639 98 01 53 or via info@indomit.net.
Veure més
08611 Olvan (Barcelona)
639 98 01 53

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