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Sports and adventure activities

Welcome to Indòmit

  • INDÒMIT becomes

    the first company

    in Berguedà to

    obtain the


    seal from the

    World Travel
    Tourism Council

    The snow is coming and we started the Snowshoeing!


    Snowshoe rental and  guided tours

  • INDÒMIT gives away masks

    to its customers so that they

    can enjoy the activities

    safely and comfortably.

    Check conditions.

    Each cavity is a world, each has its own personality and know more cavities, the following always surprise you.


Special payment


If you are in this section, it is because the amount you have to pay does not coincide with the usual price of any published activity, either because you have a discount, or because you have a pack of activities, or because ... any other reason.

In any case, to make the payment from this section you only need to indicate in the section where the number of attendees indicates the amount you have to pay, in the comments it indicates all the necessary details to identify you  and the service for which you make the purchase because we can relate to you.

Then follow the usual steps that the payment platform will ask you to.
Once you finish making the payment you will receive an automatic email as proof of your purchase and once we receive the automatic notice of your purchase, we will give the reservation by confirmed and we will give you the last details to take into account on the day of the contracted activity or service.

Veure més

INDÒMIT gives away masks to its customers so that they can enjoy the activities safely and comfortably.

When the client only hires the rental of the material or an activity that once given the explanations the participants are free to perform the activity, the danger is not so great and each client may or may not use their own means of security but when we will carry out guided activities, where there is direct contact with the guide and other users, extreme safety precautions must be taken. As we also agree that these guided activities have a higher cost, we can afford to give these security items to all participants and thus ensure their safety while they are performing the activities with us.

These masks are given away to all customers who take part in guided activities for more than € 35.

If someone wants to buy it, they can do so at a price of 5 € each mask.

Veure més
Bow combat


Participate in an archery combat and show who is the best one.

Archery combat is a game where two groups of participants face each other with arches and arrows in order to achieve a goal.
The arrows carry a ball of foam in the top and the participants play with a mask that protects the face.

The match consists on playing different skill and strategy games where the responsible for the activity indicates the objectives to be achieved.

The participants have an arch and 2 arrows to try to touch the opponent and eliminate it, it will also be necessary to play with the arrows some goals to some objectives that the opponent protects in order to win the game.

It is a very safe game, suitable for all ages, and the only limitation is that children, if they are too young, will not be able to tighten the string so hard and the arrows will gradually come out, but there is no problem to play along with the older participants, because the strongest shots of the arrows on the adults, they never get much power and the tip with foam of the arrows makes it totally safe, also, participants use safety masks.

The duration of a game is 1 hour. During this time you run as many games as gives time.

There is no minimum number of participants in order to complete a game.

The price is per person.

This activity will be carried out in our facilities at the adventure center located in Olvan in a regular way but we can also move and perform the activity in almost any place, Christmas parks, fairs, parties, celebrations, schools. With little space and a few obstacles, either natural or urban furniture, you can easily improvise a game scenario. Check our conditions.


Veure més
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