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Sports and adventure activities

Recreational area Molí del Cavaller

Molí del Cavaller recreation area


The Moli del Cavaller is an area of ​​incredible beauty located in the municipality of Vilada, next to the waters of the La Baells reservoir towards the end of its arm where it receives the waters of the Margançol.

The name of the recreational area of ​​the Molí del Cavaller, is given by a ruined flour mill located in the municipality of Vilada, El Berguedà, which is inventory as a real estate on the cultural heritage map of the Generalitat de Catalunya with the number of item IPAC-3734.

El Cavaller flour mill is a 17th or early 18th century building that was completely demolished due to its abandonment since the 1940's.

The Knight's Mill was located within the domain of Baron de la Portella. It was one of the many mills in the municipality of Vilada, at the foot of the Merdançol stream. It operated throughout the eighteenth, nineteenth, and after the Civil War.

In this space you can find the parking services, camping area, tables, barbecues, WC, bathing area in the La Baells reservoir, showers, bar and water activities.

Although it is a municipal installation, its management is private and the costs involved in maintaining it as users like to find it a cost. For this reason, despite being a public space to enjoy it, the established and published rates must be paid in addition to respecting the published rules of use, with the exception of the residents registered in Vilada who will be able to enjoy these facilities for free (because of its taxes that this area exists) but also following the established rules of use.

In order to enjoy this space, it is necessary to contact the company that manages these services, either by E-mail, telephone or in person, either in the same Moli or in the other spaces that Indòmit also manages.

The services offered can be contracted on the same day or by prior reservation following the posted instructions.

The Moli facilities can only be used within the opening hours established by the management company. Outside of these hours, anyone who accesses them on a private property will be considered and may be reported to the authorities, as well as being solely responsible for any damage they may cause or suffer as a result of their presence. in the facilities.

Users are informed that the installation is equipped with video surveillance security services and that users' images can be recorded for the sole purpose of security and that they will be destroyed periodically after the legal time established by law. These images will be recorded both during and after opening hours.

Opening dates and times will be:

From September 11 to June 24 every weekend from Friday to Sunday (schedules will vary depending on the time of year)
From June 24 to September 11 every day from 9 am to 9 pm

On days when dinners or special events are organized in the evening, the hours will be extended depending on the event organized.

Outside of these dates and times groups can be served by reservation.

For information and / or reservations you can contact the telephone of Indòmit 652 45 11 36 or 639980153

Garbage and / or junk

This space is located in a natural place outside the garbage collection channels of the cleaning services, for this reason each user will be responsible for collecting and taking away the junk that can be generated.
In case of leaving garbage or rubbish the sanctions stipulated in the corresponding municipal ordinance will be applied.


In low season (from August 31 to May 30)
It is allowed to access the space of the recreational area of ​​the Moli with dogs, always when they come sell signs so that they do not disturb other users who do not have to like their presence and the owners of the dogs have a Extreme care for their defecation in order to guarantee a clean and pleasant space for everyone, even for people who do not like dogs.

The obligation to bring firm dogs refers to the entire space of the Moli, INCLUDED IN WATER. There is no problem for dogs to swim but always following the coexistence instructions mentioned.

Much of the grace of the Molí del Cavaller is the calmness that is breathed in, which is often interrupted by dog ​​barks. As we said earlier, the priority is the comfort of the people, so if someone is not able to guarantee the silence of your dog, you will have to leave the facility.

In high season (from June 1 to August 30)

Dogs are NOT accepted at the camping service any time of the year.


The Moli has imposed rules of use with regard to the management of music or noise in general. For these reasons, only the space manager can collectively broadcast music around the recreational area. Although it is allowed that each user can enjoy his music at a particular level using headphones.


The parking is exclusively for the clients of the services that are offered in the recreational area, their spaces are limited and limited, for this reason it will be very strict when leaving parking exclusively to those who contract any of the services offered.

The access and the parking area are enabled for access by tourism type vehicles but NOT with vans, caravans or motorhomes. For this reason, access with this type of vehicle is prohibited, as it could collapse the circulation of other vehicles.

All unauthorized vehicles that are parked inside the facilities of the Moli at the time of closing will be reported to the authorities and removed by the crane, with the owner having to face the possible fine and costs that this entails. the corresponding administration.

In low season (from August 31 to May 30)
The access to the parking will be free and free for the clients of the services that are offered in the Mill.

In high season (from June 1 to August 30)
Only those users who have contracted some of the services offered at the Mill can access the Mill. However, the parking service will have an additional cost.

The price of the parking service is 4 € / h

Clients who have contracted activities have included the parking service from 30 minuts before the start of the activity and up to 30 minuts after the scheduled time of end of the contracted activity.

Customers who hire the tables service will have to pay for the parking hours they use according to the indicated rate.

Customers who hire the camping service will have to pay the parking hours they use according to the indicated rate or € 20 / day.


In order to make use of the tables, you must first go through the bar and hire one of the following options:

In low season (from August 31 to May 30)
Barbecue + outdoor table: 3 € / pax

This rate entitles you to use the tables and benches existing around you, the toilets, parking, barbecues, showers and access to the bathing area.

In high season (from June 1 to August 30)
Barbecue + outdoor table: 5 € / pax

This rate entitles the use of existing tables and benches around them, the toilets, barbecues, showers and access to the bathing area.

The parking service will be charged separately.

You are not allowed to use particular tables or picnic with blankets. To eat you have to use the services enabled for these purposes.

Exterior and interior tables can be reserved.

Any type of reservation must be accompanied by the contracting of at least part of the services.

Camping area

Definition "camping area":
It is a space where you can set up a tent to spend the night

A camping area, unlike a campsite, you do NOT have a plot where the user can have them for whatever they want, put tables, stoves, awnings, amacas ... in a camping area you can only put the tent to spend the night. For cooking, eating ... there are other points enabled for these matters.
There is NO space available for caravans and motorhomes, which is why we cannot service this type of vehicle.

To be able to camp you must first register at the bar and pay the corresponding fee.

Within the recreational area there is a reserved area for camping, toilets and showers.

In low season (from August 31 to May 30)
The price is 10 € per person per night. In the case of leisure centers, schools, etc. consult each case.

In high season (from June 1 to August 30)
The price is € 10 per person per night. In the case of leisure centers, schools, etc. consult each case.

This fee does not entitle you to use the tables, barbecues and parquing, as these services are managed separately.

It is strictly forbidden to use hotplates in the camping area, if you want to use them you will have to be in the barbecue area.

Dogs are NOT accepted at camping service.

Due to the characteristics of the regulations governing the environment of the mill, the maximum stay can be 2 nights in the same tent.

The prices are intended for "igloo or canadian" type stores of maximum 6 places, if the tent "avancer" or is of more places than the one of registered people, it will be necessary to pay the price of the number of places that can accommodate, independently of the number of people using it.
Camping places can be reserved.

Any type of reservation must be accompanied by the contracting of at least part of the services.

There is also the possibility of renting 2-seater tents for € 15 a night, the price includes mounting, cleaning and dismantling.

From 9pm to 9am the access road door will be closed to vehicular traffic. In the event of an emergency call 112.



The use of barbecues always linked to the contracting of other services and its use is included in the other services that can be contracted, indoor, outdoor tables, camping.

To use the barbecues you will need to register on the bar registration sheet in order to establish an order between the users and thus avoid problems.

This register identifies 1-hour strips where those who register will have that strip to use the barbecues.

The fuel for the barbecues will have to be taken by everyone or contracted at the bar, but in any case, natural fuels such as wood, charcoal, firewood or gas must always be. Under no circumstances can plastic and packaging be used bone or the like.

Fuel that is not completely consumed at the end of each user's time of use will be for the benefit of the following user or in case of dissatisfaction the outgoing user will have to turn off the fire with water and remove the surplus fuel from the barbecues (he is solely responsible for managing the remains of this fuel) so that the following users can use it.


The use of showers is free, as it is always linked to the contracting of other services and its use is already included in all the other services that can be contracted, indoor, outdoor, camping, activities ...

However you can contract the hot water service, so you have to go to the bar

It costs 2 € per person.

Water activities

The activities that can be customarily performed at the Moli are canoeing, skating and paddle surfing. The details of each activity and their conditions of contract can be found on this website, see the details of each one.

Activities can be booked.

Any type of reservation must be accompanied by the contracting of at least part of the services.



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