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Sports and adventure activities

Sale of material

Canoe chance


Please find attached a link to the data sheet of the canoes we put on sale
In this link you can see the current price and the details of the canoe / kayak

Our canoes are four summers, not only working for years say the summer months.

The starting price of € 300 are single canoe, paddles and lifejackets if you can see that we also need to renew and make you a special price.

These kayaks have lost some color due to the passage of time and all have one or two points, repaired are better than new because the weak point is already reinforced.

Regarding vests and paddles second hand its price is 22 € a vest (new € 44) and € 19 http://www.rocroidistribution.com/es/chaleco-samurai-p-635.php blades (new € 38) http://www.rocroidistribution.com/es/k1-topline-simtrica-p-630.php.

Until the end of September we have will work and some groups and then the delivery. You can then decide to wait, or you can guarantee your availability and preference to choose between those offered by a deposit of at least € 50.

This year we took the management of the mill and the intention Knight is open all year. We are currently offering the service free stabling during the summer and now that we have these facilities will expand throughout the year. This service can have your material in a space outside (like ours) and control like ours. Since the service is free not assume any responsibility for theft (as with ours).

To browse Baells legally must obtain permission that has a cost of 30 € per canoe canon and € 80 administration fee. If you buy one of our canoes on this permit you can arrange with ours and will cost only 30 € the canon. This cost is annual.

If you need any more information and tell you if you want to see happen to any of our ski bases without obligation.

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