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Find mushrooms throughout the year and discover amazing landscapes. We bring in nature from January to December so you can savor at first hand the shades, shapes and colors of this nutritious food and extraordinary wildlife.

Get carried away by passion!

Learn to distinguish a wide range of edible species and discover its secrets and to understand where they grow.

Autumn has arrived with the outbreak of fungal spectacular year, which lasted until well into January. Then in February, continue with Marcot (Hygrophorus marzuolus). Continue in the spring with morels, mushrooms, carreretes, vines and much more. And last summer, we travel to the mountain to find the freshness and moisture favorable, awaiting the arrival of a new fall.

The guided walks are suitable for all audiences. No need excellent physical condition, just people wanting to walk and stroll in nature. Forests and discover the most suitable places in Catalonia for mushrooms, and learn to recognize the habitats of each fungal species we want. Learn to find them, to observe them, and the best ways to enjoy them and conserve them. The condition of the group allows us to simultaneously hear many anecdotes, curiosities and experiences of the participants who made a tour of the research even more rewarding experience for the senses.
On our trips, the number of participants to guide ranges between 1 and 12. We try not to exceed the threshold of 12 participants to provide good service and to meet all the doubts that arise during the activity, although sometimes we can add more participants according to your demand. If you are a group and you move in large numbers of participants is not a problem for us, provide as many guides as necessary so that everyone is being handled.

Where we go looking for mushrooms? Let any forest, meadow, river or corner of Catalonia. Bringing a comprehensive control of the weather that allows us to decipher what day is the ideal place to conduct research.

To enjoy this activity have thre options:

1) If you are one, two, or people you are, you can add to a general group and indomitable will choose the most favorable place considering the date chosen for the exit.

2) If you are already a group (or are willing to assume the exclusive) and are organized, you can propose us the mushrooms that make you excited or find a specific habitat to explore, and indomitable will choose the ideal place according to your demand.

3) Contractors can be a master class from the renowned and popular mystologist Marc Casabosch exclusive only for your group, regardless of the number of participants. 

Check the different options.
Veure més
Discovery mushroom

Discovery mushroom

Discover the world of mushrooms Berguedá the hand of our guides, a couple, with friends, with children ...

We will walk through the woods surrounding the town of Berga know a little look around and mushrooms, advised at all times by guides who will explain you how to find mushrooms, where to look for them, that if you are good Trova to eat or not and with explanations tailored to the type of group.

The meeting point will not be known until 2 days before, as the guide keeps track of the climate and the appearance of the mushrooms to finish making the final assessment of what is the best place to go to perform the activity in that date

Duration: half day (4 hours approximately)
We usually stay at 8:30 a.m. at the meeting point, approach all together to the exact area of the activity, ending at approximately 13 h.

Includes guide service and safe

A minimum of 2 participants to carry out the activity. The organizers reserve the right to unite different clients in the same activity.

The price for adults and children from to 10 years.

In this mode output children between 0 and 2 years free of charge and children 3 to 9 years are half the adults.

The activity will be carried out practically any day prior reservation and availability that is mushroom season. The most pleasant season in Berguedá usually fall weather but as there are other times it can also be mushrooms. Be sure to ask if now is a good time.


Veure més
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